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engineering research center

the national engineering research center of electronic circuits base materials (hereinafter referred to as the “center”) was approved by the ministry of science and technology, established in december 2011. it is the engineering technology research center of china's electronic circuit base material industry, and shengyi technology co., ltd. is the supporting organization.

the center is oriented to the entire electronic circuit base material industry as well as the key, fundamental and common technical challenges in the development of upstream and downstream related industries. through independent r&d, production integration, procedural optimization the center conducts systematic, engineering research to promote the transfer and dissemination of scientific and technological achievements, with the goal being continuous innovation and rapid development of advanced technologies in the electronic circuit base material industry.

in recent years, the center and the supporting organization shengyi technology co., ltd.has undertaken a series of national and regional science and technology endeavors and technological innovation projects such as:

  • halogen-free environmentally friendly fr-4 copper clad laminates and prepreg of the torch program (2007)
  • research and industrialization of resin coated copper series (rcc) specifically for high density interconnect (hdi) of the electronic information industry development fund plan (2007)
  • the research and development and industrialization of high- performance ccl for ic package of the science and technology support program (2007)
  • development and industrialization of thin ccl based on domestic ultra-fine glass fiber materials (2007)
  • environmentally friendly ccl for high density interconnect (hdi) multilayer printed circuit board of the national development and reform commission industrialization project (2008)
  • test platform construction for high density packaging ccl of the innovative capacity construction special program (2013)

central vision

  • the world's advanced electronic circuit base material research and development

    engineering platform
  • leader of china's high-end electronic circuit base material technology standards

  • laboratories and test platform for new technologies and products of high-end electronic circuit base material

  • demonstration base of manufacturing, education, research and application

  • training and gathering place for industry technical talents

organizational structure

research direction

core and key technologies of electronic circuit base materials

copper clad laminate

key and generic technology

basic platform

national enterprise technology center national intellectual property demonstration enterprise
postdoctoral scientific research station iso/iec17025 national accredited laboratory
ltta (long term thermal aging) laboratory cqc on-site testing laboratory
guangdong electronic circuit base material engineering technology center guangdong academician and expert work center in enterprises
guangdong key laboratory of electronic circuit base material enterprise one of the initiating enterprises of dongguan testing resources alliance

list of standards organizations attended by the centre

serial number standardization organization responsibility
1 iec tc91member (wg4 wg10)
2 ipc member
3 china electronics standardization institute leading unit of the base material work group
4 china printed circuit association (cpca) leading unit of the standard base material work group
5 inemi (international electronics manufacturing initiative) member
6 ul std member with voting rights
7 hdpug (high density packing user group) member
8 guangdong printed circuit standard technical committee secretariat