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about sytech

group introduction

shengyi technology co., ltd. (sytech), founded in 1985, is a global core supplier of electronic circuit base materials which integrates r&d, production, sales, marketing and technical services. after more than 30 years of development and continuous efforts of every employee, sytech produced more than 115 million square meters of laminate materials in 2021. according to the statistics and ranking of global rigid laminators released by prismark, a us research institution, sytech has been the world’s second largest ccl manufacturer in terms of sales volume since 2013.

sytech is headquartered in dongguan, a city with great economic vitality in china. driven by strategic development, sytech established wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding companies in xianyang (shaanxi province), suzhou (jiangsu province), hongkong, taiwan, changshu (jiangsu province), nantong (jiangsu province) and jiujiang (jiangxi province), with nearly 10,000 employees in the group.

group main business and product application

sytech maintains the highest standards which support products that exhibit exceptional quality, performance and reliability. sytech independently produces high-end electronic materials, including ccl, prepreg, insulation boards, metal-based ccl, resin-coated copper (rcc) and coverlay materials. products are mainly used for making single and double-sided printed circuit boards as well as multilayer boards. typical uses for our products would be in products such as in home appliances, portable and consumable electronics, automobiles, computers as well as other high-end electronic products.

sytech’s leading products are qualified by many world-famous companies, such as bosch, lenovo, sony, and philips, forming a large competitive advantage for sytech. products are exported to many countries and regions including america, europe, korea, japan and southeast asia.

group technical strengths

sytech has a strong technical background and developed many high-tech products widely used around the world. in 2011, sytech gained approval from the ministry of science and technology to build the national engineering research center of electronic circuits base materials, and received the honor of national enterprise technology center in 2016. in addition, sytech established a postdoctoral scientific research station and guangdong academician and expert work center in enterprises. sytech also actively leads the development of relevant international standards, national standards and industry standards.

looking to the future, sytech will continue to react quickly to the market and adapt to the rapid market changes with forward-looking vision, advanced technology and the spirit of innovation. furthermore, sytech will continue in a timely manner to provide products and services which satisfy customer requirements and generate the best value in the marketplace.

development history

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organization structure

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