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●  halogen free, flammabilityul94 v-0.

●  high bonding strength, gooddimensional stabilityand thermal resistance.

●  low adhesive flowing, good processability,suitablefor both fast andtraditional lamination style.

●  compatible with eu rohs directive, free of pb,hg,cd, cr6 ,pbb,pbde,etc..

application area

coverlay for fpc.
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items method condition unit typical value
peel strength(90°)* ipc-tm-650 2.4.9d accepted n/mm 1.05
288℃、5s 1.07
solder resistance ipc-tm-650 2.4.13.f 288℃、10s -

no delamination

dimensional stability sy method after peeling off the paper
% 0.0158/0.0404
chemical resistance ipc-tm-650 2.3.2g after chemical exposure % >90
electric strength ipc-tm-650 d-48/50 d-0.5/23 kv/mm 110
volume resistivity ipc-tm-650 2.5.17e c-96/35/90 mω-cm 4.8×108
surface resistance ipc-tm-650 2.5.17e c-96/35/90
dielectric constant(10ghz) spdr c-24/23/50 - 3.3
dissipation factor(10ghz) spdr c-24/23/50
- 0.017
resin flow ipc-tm-650 180℃/10 60s,100kg/cm2
mm <0.15
flammability ul94 e-24/125 rating v-0


*testing after laminating with shining side of copper foil in suitablecondition

1.certified to ipc-4203/2 epoxy adhesive on one or twosides of poyimide dielectric

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