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● halogen free and high cti

●thermal conductivity 3.0 w/(m·k)

● high peelstrength

● excellent thermal reliability and insulation

application area

● hi-power led lighting

● power supply board

● automobile lighting

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items method condition unit typical value
thermal conductivity astm-d5470 a w/ (m•k) 3.0
thermal resistance astm-d5470 a k·cm2/w 0.34
tg 2.4.25d dsc 140
td wt 5% loss 395
thermal stress 288℃, solder float min
cte (z-axis) 2.4.24 before tg ppm/℃ 20
after tg ppm/℃ 31
50-260℃ % 0.48
volume resistivity c-96/35/90 mω.cm 108
surface resistivity
c-96/35/90 108
dielectric breakdown 2.5.6 d-48/50 d-0.5/23 kv 5.0
hi-pot test gb/t-31988
dc v 4000
ac v 3000
peel strength (1oz) 2.4.8 288℃/10s n/mm 1.1
mot ul a 130
cti iec60112 a rating plc 0


1. typical value is based on specimen of 1.5mm al/100μm dielectric/1oz cu.

2. all the typical values listed above are for your reference only and not intended for specification. please contact shengyi technology co., ltd. for detailed information. all rights from this data sheet are reserved by shengyi technology co., ltd.

explanation: c=humidity conditioning, d=immersion conditioning in distilled water, e=temperature conditioning

the first digit following the letter indicates the duration of preconditioning in hours, the second digit the preconditioning temperature in and the third digit the relative humidity.