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● lead-free compatible fr-4.0 laminate

tg180℃ (dsc), uv blocking/aoi compatible

● high heat resistance
● lower z-axis cte
● excellent through-hole reliability
● excellent anti-caf performance
● low water absorption
● excellent mechanical processability

application area

● suitable for high-layer count pcb

● widely used in computer, communication, automotive electronics, and etc.

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items method condition unit typical value
tg ipc-tm-650 2.4.25 dsc 180

td ipc-tm-650 5% wt. loss 355
cte (z-axis) ipc-tm-650 2.4.24 before tg ppm/℃ 41
after tg ppm/℃ 208
50-260℃ % 2.4
t260 ipc-tm-650 tma min >60
t288 ipc-tm-650 tma min 30
t300 ipc-tm-650
tma min 15
thermal stress ipc-tm-650 288℃, solder dip s >100
volume resistivity ipc-tm-650 after moisture resistance mω.cm 8.66 e 08
e-24/125 mω.cm 7.18 e 06
surface resistivity ipc-tm-650 after moisture resistance 2.17 e 07
e-24/125 8.64 e 06
arc resistance ipc-tm-650 2.5.1 d-48/50 d-4/23 s 133
dielectric breakdown ipc-tm-650 2.5.6 d-48/50 d-4/23 kv >45
dissipation constant (dk) ipc-tm-650 1ghz -- 4.6
1mhz -- 4.9
dissipation factor (df) ipc-tm-650 1ghz -- 0.018
1mhz -- 0.015
peel strength (1oz hte copper foil) ipc-tm-650 2.4.8 a n/mm
after thermal stress 288℃,10s n/mm 1.3 [7.43]
125℃ n/mm
flexural strength lw ipc-tm-650 2.4.4 a mpa 567
cw ipc-tm-650 2.4.4 a mpa 442
water absorption ipc-tm-650 e-1/105 d-24/23 % 0.08
cti iec60112 a rating plc 3
flammability ul94 c-48/23/50 rating v-0
e-24/125 rating v-0


1. specification sheet: ipc-4101/126, is for your reference only.

2. all the typical value is based on the 1.6mm specimen, while the tg is for specimen≥0.50mm.

3. all the typical values listed above are for your reference only and not intended for specification. please contact shengyi technology co., ltd. for detailed information. all rights from this data sheet are reserved by shengyi technology co., ltd.

explanation: c=humidity conditioning, d=immersion conditioning in distilled water, e=temperature conditioning

the first digit following the letter indicates the duration of preconditioning in hours, the second digit the preconditioning temperature in ℃ and the third digit the relative humidity.