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sytech held activity to raise money for the ya'an earthquake-stricken area

at 8:02 on april 20, 2013, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred in lushan county, ya'an city, sichuan province. the earthquake caused tremendous trauma and sufferings to the people in the disaster area. the loss of life and property of the people there was extremely serious. after the disaster occurred, the company's leaders and employees paid close attention to the situations of ya’an disaster area and the safety of the people there through television, network, newspapers and other media.

though disaster is ruthless,there is love. in order to help the people in ya'an disaster area to overcome the difficulties, sytech organized a donation activity to raise money for the ya'an earthquake-stricken area. under strong cooperation of various departments, employees extended their helping hands, donated money with their sincere love to do what they can do. at the same time, director mrs. tang yingmin and some people outside the company also expressed their concern and support for the people in the disaster area with their actions. the event raised a total of 8,4605.2 rmb, and all donations will be transferred to the people of the disaster-stricken areas of ya'an by the company through dongguan charity association.

in this charitable donation activity, the employees expressed their deep love for the people in the disaster area with real actions, and once again demonstrated the social responsibility and selfless dedication of sytech employees. thank you all for your kind contributions to the people of the earthquake-stricken areas in ya'an! at the same time, we sincerely hope that people of all ethnic groups in the earthquake-stricken areas will be able to overcome difficulties and recover from the earthquake disaster as soon as possible, resume production and rebuild beautiful home.