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care about education and spread warmth – report on charitable activities in jiangxi

gaoxing primary school of xingguo county, jiangxi province is one of the long-term key poverty alleviation and education aid points of sytech. since 1996, the company has set up scholarship in the school. in 2008, according to the actual situation of the school, the company established sytech teaching award and sytech scholarship to reward outstanding teachers and students. the company adjusted to focus on rewarding teaching and learning from poverty alleviation in the school. in the past 19 years, the company and individuals have funded about 50 students, nearly 50 teachers received sytech teaching award and nearly 230 students won sytech scholarships.

in recent years, in order to help gaoxing primary school to improve the quality education level, some of the company’s management staff donated computers to the school and set up a computer room. they donated harmonica, electronic piano and other cultural and art supplies to the school and helped the school to setup orchestra and various cultural and sports activity groups to enrich students’extracurricular activities and improve quality education. with the care and support of the company and all walks of life, the school has been fully developed. the quality of education and teaching has been in the forefront of the county for many years. quality education and campus culture construction,in particular, are excellent in the country, city as well as the province and was awarded the first batch of quality education model schools in jiangxi province. in order to improve the school environment, with approval of the company's board of directors in 2013, the company donated 680,000 rmb to the school (the local government funded nearly 1 million rmb), and built a new teaching building, the sytech building.

on october 29 to 31, 2014, chairman mr. li and general manager mr. liu led a team of 6 people, with representatives from the management and staff, to visit gaoxing primary school. mr. li and mr.liu attended the opening ceremony of the syech building and presented sytech teaching award and sytech scholarship honorary certificates to the teachers and students on behalf of the company. mr. li and mr. liu also donated stationery and sports goods to the school on behalf of donggaun electronic industry corporation and syech respectively. in order to thank the company for its concern, help and support for the education in the revolutionary old district in the past 19 years, the government of xingguo country presented the company with a medal, writing care about education and spread warmth. later, mr. li and mr. liu held talks with the school teachers and parent representatives, and visited some of the poor students' families funded by the company and the employees.during the discussion and visit, mr. li and mr. liu learned about the school, difficulties of the teachers and students' families, in which we knew that some families have been seriously impoverished because of the loss of their loved ones,serious illness and left-behind children. parents shared their feelings and the visitors felt heavy and sad. at the end of the visit, mr. li and mr. liu repeatedly reminded the teachers and parents that they must encourage children to study hard, and the company will do more for education.

under the leadership of and mr. liu, this visit conveyed love and blessings of the company and the employees to the teachers and children in the mountains. the children said that this is a warm and memorable memory which will last for a long time. this visit was a complete success. here, we express our gratitude and respect to the teachers who work in the mountains in obscurity, and our gratitude to all the managers and employees of the company who care and support the education in the is with your selfless dedication, love and support that we believe the children in the mountains will not be afraid of difficulties, and they will turn this love into contributions to the society. tomorrow will definitely be better.