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about sytech

help the poor and aid education, spread warmth and make dreams come true – report on charitable activities in guizhou and jiangxin province in 2016

since 1996, sytech has successively set up charity points in jiangxi, guizhou and shaanxi province to carry out fixed-point funding, set up poverty alleviation and education aid special fund in schools to award excellent teachers and students as well as hold one-on-one voluntary funding activity among employees in the company. so far, our employees and warm-hearted people outside the company have funded 210 students through one-on-one activity. the amount of funding exceeds 1 million rmb. persistence an important force that encourages us to move forward while others give up.

from september to october 2016, according to the relevant arrangements for poverty alleviation and education aid, the company carried out a charitable visit to guizhou and jiangxi province.

first stop: wuchuan county, guizhou

on september 21-24, 2016, we formed the charitable team, with representatives from the management,employees, one-on-one activity participants and trainers. department managers mrs. zhai hong, mrs. zeng honghui and mrs. yang limei led a team of 10 people to go to fenshui town, maotian town and daping longtan primary school in wuchuan autonomous county to visit the benefited people. accompanied by director ouyang of wuchuan education bureau and mr. tian jun, the team held the 2016 sytech scholarship ceremony in fenshui county primary school and wangwu primary school respectively. they also went to remote mountainous areas such as wangwu village in fenshui county and xinglong village in maotian town to visit liao shuangyuan, xiao jincheng, chen xiaopan and other 22 students. during their visit to every student, in addition to giving them gifts such as shoes or football, they also patiently asked the students about their life and learning,and encouraged them to overcome difficulties, study hard, and strive to go out of the mountains and to the world. during the two-day visit in wuchuan, we also visited newly-funded schools and held sytech class.

about sytech class

this is the first time we designed sytech class in the visit, which is taught by sytech trainers. the theme of the class is fly to the space and it is expected to trigger children’s curiosities to science and the electronic world through getting to know the mystery of the space. the course was divided into two parts, theme sharing and hands-on experiment. firstly, through watching the video of satellite launching, children got basic understanding of the rocket and satellite,so as to expand their horizons and understand our company's products. in the experiment of launching small rockets, children developed their own hands-on ability and experienced the fun of learning and practice. finally, teachers led the children to recite the poem, youth china, together, and inspired them to be self-reliant, hard-working and cultivate fighting spirit. hands-on experiments in the course also triggered the school teachers' to think about the application of a variety of teaching tools, which is recognized by them. sytech trainers’ joining enables their love to learn and share spirit to spread in the mountains and achieves desired results.

second stop: xingguo county, jiangxi

gaoxing primary school of xingguo county, jiangxi province is one of the long-term key poverty alleviation and education aid points of sytech, from poverty alleviation at the very beginning to funding school construction and scholarships. in the past 20 years, the company has funded and awarded scholarships to 404 people. about 50 student swere funded, nearly 60 teachers received sytech teaching award and nearly 300 students won sytech scholarships, the amount of which is more than 80,000 rmb. more than 1.2 million rmb has been given to aid education and construction.

on october 10-12, 2016, chairman mr. liu led a team of 9 people to visit gaoxing primary school of xingguo county, jiangxi province. members include representatives from the company’s management, employees and trainers. this year is the 20th anniversary of sytech’s cooperation with gaoxing primary school to alleviate poverty, award outstanding students and teachers. in order to celebrate this special time, gaoxing primary school held a grand celebration with the theme, effort, positivity and gratitude. this event invited all the principals of gaoxing primary school to gather together and three students funded by the company 20 years ago to return to the school. later, mr. liu had a discussion with the school teachers and student representatives. at the same time, trainers held sytech class in another classroom. after the event, the team visited the school and some of the poor students' families funded by the company and the employees.

successful ending

during the visit, we were pleased to see that the school, the countryside, the teachers and the students have undergone tremendous changes. mr. liu said, all these changes made us feel that our 20 years of hard work is as soft as the spring rain, deeply and silently influencing the teachers and students of this school and this is one of the most meaningful things. here, we express our gratitude and respect to the teachers who work in the mountains in obscurity, and our gratitude to all the managers and employees who care about and support education in the mountainous area. it is with your selfless dedication, love and support that the children will have a better tomorrow.